Welcome to my corner of the Internet. I created ‘Garage Gyms’ with the goal of making it a great resource for all things home fitness. I want to help bring all the good information available out there about home fitness to one place… where to buy reliable equipment, things to avoid, DIY projects others have been successful with, and so on.

One of the best things I ever did for my own personal fitness (besides quitting smoking) was to abandon the box gym and invest in my own weight-training equipment. I don’t wait in line to use a power rack anymore. I don’t sit at a bench wondering how long until someone brings that pair of dumbbells back so that I can use them. I don’t have to drive to and from a gym. Even better, I’ve paid for the bulk of my equipment already in gym dues I would have owed had I stayed at the box.

I’m always trying to improve my own garage gym with more equipment and upgraded equipment, better use of the limited space, better lighting, and improved climate control for the ridiculously hot Texas summers. I love my gym. I intend to continue to research how to make it better, and my goal is to share the things I learn here with anyone interested.


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